Custom Dining Tables

Custom Dining Tables

From Tree To Table®

Custom Dining Tables

Since 2015 we have been producing the highest quality custom furnishings 'From Tree to Table', utilizing both woods and metals! All custom tables are available as Live Edge, Butcher Block, or the more traditional Classic-Cut. Each of these styles features endless customizations and options ensuring your new custom furniture will be exactly what you are envisioning. All custom tabletops are available in over a dozen locally-sourced woods or exotic tropical hardwoods!

Some customization options include dimensions, wood species, epoxy colors, edge details, custom table base options and powder coat colors, just to name a few!

Custom Dining Tables

  • All dining tables are custom made-to-order and are available as Live Edge, Butcher Block or Classic-Cut
  • Make the selections below to design your custom dining table
  • Once you have completed your purchase, a member of our team will reach out to confirm all of your project details
  • Our timeline on all custom furnishings is 6-12 weeks 
  • Featured photos are from previous projects - Your custom dining table will be made-to-order based on the selections you make below
  • Please reach out with any questions

Design Now!

Live Edge, Butcher Block or Classic-Cut

Which Style Dining Table Is Right For Your Project?

Designing a custom dining table for your clients, your home or your office is easy at Oak City Customs! The first selection you need to make is which style custom dining table do you like? All of our dining tables are available in Live Edge, Butcher Block, or Classic-Cut!

Face Grain Wood

Live Edge

Beginning with slab lumber, your tabletop is produced from live edge wood slabs! This style offers a 'live edge' where the edge of your tabletop remains natural to the original contour of the tree! Selecting a live edge custom dining table will allow you to choose from locally sourced urban lumber or exotic tropical hardwoods!

Edge Grain Wood

Butcher Block

Our butcher block custom dining tables are produced from dimensional lumber, in the species of your choice! Lumber is cut with precision and glued together at the top and bottom faces of the board creating a tabletop that consists of the edges of the the lumber. This method is the most durable of all options and is a great choice when selecting a wood tabletop that is very thick!

Face Grain Wood


This is the traditional style of a custom dining table and is often the most cost effective! Beginning with dimensional lumber, boards are ripped with clean straight edges and then the edges of the boards are glued together to create your custom wood tabletop. The tabletop will consist of the face of the boards.