Wood Species

Wood Species

Provided below is common information on select woods in inventory - If you have any questions, call us 1-855-OAK-CITY or email us INFO@OAKCITYCUSTOMS.COM!

Red Oak

Red Oak grows abundantly in Eastern US. Featuring a large grain patter, Red Oak has a light brown to pinkish-reddish color, straight to wavy grain, and is very dense. Due to availability & durability, Red Oak is the most common choice for furniture in the country!

Origin: Eastern US; Central US; Southeast Canada; South Central Canada

Price: $$

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White Oak

While not as abundant as Red Oak, White Oak is regularly available. This is a very strong wood with a light brown, honey color and straight to wavy grain. Due to its strength and durability, White Oak is a very common choice for furniture.

Also, White Oak is an extremely resilient hardwood, often recommended for outdoor applications.

Origin: Eastern US; Central US; Southeastern Canada; South Central Canada

Price: $$$$

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Poplar grows abundantly throughout many parts of North America and looks gorgeous when finished. This wood has a light brown to olive green color. Often purples and blues may be seen as well. The green turns more brown with light exposure. While one of the most popular trees for paper products, Poplar is very common in furniture manufacturing.

Origin: Central North America; Eastern North America

Price: $$

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Cherry wood varies from a rich red to reddish brown and will darken over time, especially with light exposure. Cherry is of medium density with medium strength. While the trees do not often grow to a very large diameter, Cherry trees make exceptional lumber for furniture.

Origin: Midwestern US; Eastern US

Price: $$$

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Walnut is light brown to dark-chocolate brown, often with purplish streaks. Walnut is a very dense wood that lightens in color with age. This species is often regarded as a higher-end material than some other hardwoods. If you are looking for a dark toned wood, Walnut is always a great choice!

Origin: North America; South America; Asia; Europe

Price: $$$$

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Regarded as one of the finest nut trees, Hickory is extremely dense and durable. Being one of the strongest hardwoods in the commercial market, Hickory is an excellent choice for furniture.

Hickory grain is wavy with a medium-brown and reddish heartwood and often has a naturally wild look!

Price: $$$$

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Soft Maple

Soft Maple is light-to-dark reddish brown, with straight to wavy grain. It is about 25% less hard than Hard Maple. Often referred to as Ambrosia Maple, when the beautiful markings in the wood are present, they were actually created by wood-boring Ambrosia Beetles! For a great, locally sourced hardwood that is regularly available, check out Soft Maple!

Origin: Eastern US; Central US; Southeastern Canada

Price: $$$

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Hard Maple

Hard Maple has a dark to reddish-brown heartwood, with a much lighter sapwood. This wood has a fine texture and the grain is mildly wavy. The density creates a level of strength and durability, along with its often unique character, making Hard Maple an excellent for furniture!

Price: $$$

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Sapele, commonly referred to as Mahogany, originates in West Africa. The color is a beautiful golden to dark-reddish brown, that darkens with age. The grain is interlocked, sometimes very wavy.

Sapele is very durable and often extremely clean of any cracks, knots, or imperfections, making it a preferred choice by woodworkers!

Like White Oak, Sapele also handles outdoor elements very well!

Origin: West Africa; Nigeria; Tropical Africa

Price: $$$$

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Ash is often light brown to a pale yellow, featuring shades of light brown. The grain is straight to wavy with overall excellent wood strength properties. Ash is actually one of the most dense hardwoods that we offer!

For many, many years, Ash has been a top choice for hardwood furnishings!

Origin: Eastern US; Southeastern Canada

Price: $$

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