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Live Edge Wood Slabs

All Oak City Customs live edge wood slabs are kiln dried, surfaced and ready to begin your custom project!

Shop live edge slabs by wood species, size, price, live edge characteristics, wood grain figure and more! Locally-sourced slabs are from urban trees destined for the landfill - At our facility we save, store, mill, air-dry, and kiln dry these live edge slabs, offering them for sale at any desired finish level! In addition, we have many exotic tropical hardwood slabs in-stock, also available in various finish levels! We also offer 'pre-built' options to save your time! All wood slabs have been fully processed to 'furniture grade' material and are ready to begin your project!

Whether you're a business in need of planer finished wood slabs for your projects, or you are seeking fully-finished live edge furnishings for your home or office, it all begins at the Oak City Customs Slab Library™️!

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