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About Us

At Oak City Customs we're passionate about up-cycling urban lumber to create heirloom quality products with a rustic and industrial modern style and high attention to detail and customization.

   We have a 14,000 sqft manufacturing facility located in Zebulon, NC, just outside of Raleigh, with a small team of 10 full time craftspersons dedicated to your project. We work for commercial clients such as architects, builders, and contractors, as well as homeowners. Our specialty is table and panel production, including edge glued hardwood panels, butcher blocks and solid slabs. We often use unique slabs of wood that we produce 'Tree to Table' from local trees in many of our products.

   We have a saw mill with capability to cut 63" wide slabs and 2 de-humidification style kilns that can dry approx 11,000 board feet per month in addition to over 100,000 board feet of air drying slabs and boards on the yard. We regularly have White Oak, Red Oak, Maple, Poplar, Cherry, some Walnut, and other slabs available for retail and wholesale. We can plane and wide belt sand up to 50" wide on our 52" wide planers and wide belt machine. We also have a large clamp rack for producing edge glued table top panels. Panel production is a popular service we offer to other wood shops in the area who may not have in house equipment to glue and flatten large pieces. Our kiln is also available for use. We offer a wholesale price at 75% of retail cost to any of our partners.

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Our Story

Our story started back in 2015 while working in the home shop on hobby projects and through connections with friends in the tree service industry. We realized that there was a huge need to repurpose material that was regularly headed to the landfill and recycling centers. Large trees were being taken down for a variety of reasons every day, and just being scrapped due to the inability of someone to collect and process them into usable material. This was the beginning of a huge endeavor, and our mission to take this material 'Tree to Table'.

   In late 2015 we acquired a small sawmill and began slabbing logs in the back yard. We spent meticulous time cutting and stacking material to air dry and researching the ins and outs of the entire lumber making process. There is a lot to know (and not know)! We had success locating quality material and building relationships with local tree services. Over the next year we upgraded our sawmill by driving to the west coast and acquiring a specialty wide capacity slabbing mill. We fabricated a highly specialized log trailer that allowed us to obtain logs on site too big for tree services to move in one piece. In 2016 we really picked up steam working on residential and commercial projects in the wood and metal working arena and were able to fully outfit the small home shop. Business kept picking up and before long we were 2 people working full time! It was an exciting time for Oak City Customs with great opportunities to work on commercial bar and restaurant projects in Downtown Raleigh and the Triangle and keep up our work for individuals. As business grew it was clear we were on track to outgrow our workshop and head in new directions. In spring of 2017 it was clear that to follow our 'Tree to Table' mission we were going to need a lot more space and help so we decided to make the leap!

   By fall 2017 we had moved our workshop, amidst a very busy season, to a much larger facility in Zebulon, NC. Oak City Customs was able to hire 2 more employees to help build the new shop and keep up with even more orders. We now had a permanent saw mill setup and the space to efficiently air dry lumber outdoors with use of a forklift, whew. Over the next 2 years (2018 and 2019) we expanded the shop further to a total indoor space of 14,000 sqft. We built dedicated metal fabrication shop space, wood shop space, paint and finishing areas, a de-humidification style kiln to dry lumber, and really focused in on our product offerings. Our team grew again and the work flow in our shop began to really make sense. During 2019 and 2020 we were able to add several major pieces of equipment to the shop including 52" wide belt sanders, straight line rip saw, a huge panel clamp rack, central compressed air, and other major equipment allowing us to efficiently process more material and improve quality.

   Between 2020 and 2022 the time has flown by. It is really amazing to look back at where we started and see the results of the dedication and hard work each person on our team has created here at Oak City Customs. Starting 2020, we are a team of 10 full time craftspersons dedicated to producing heirloom quality furniture products incorporating a rustic and industrial modern style and are able to build a high percentage of our projects with lumber we produce 'Tree to Table'! We now have 2 de-humidification style kilns operating with capacity to dry up to 11,000 board feet per month and we have over 100,000 board feet of air drying slabs and boards heading toward the kiln. It is an exciting time at OCC with much work still to be done. We can't tell you enough how much your support is appreciated and we look forward to discussing your next project!


Dylan Selinger


Justin Fox

Co-Founder/Facilities Manager 


Koy Holt

Metal Shop Manager/Fabrication


Logan Ansede

Woodshop Manager/Woodworker


Ross Shinafelt

Head of Sales & Marketing


JJ Phillips

Shipping & Receiving Manager


Zach Speerschneider



Chris Bednar

Wood Wizard