Sweet gum live edge table w/ custom base

Featured here is a locally sourced sweet gum slab which has gone through kiln drying, planing, sanding, and finishing here at Oak City Customs.

Sweet gum is often viewed as a nuisance due to its highly invasive roots and hard spike-like seeds. Additionally this species is very hard to dry as it often warps significantly and often requires years of air drying before kiln drying.

This table turned out absolutely incredible showing off the beautiful sweet gum grain pattern and its rich brown color.

This table was processed here at Oak City Customs. It was first milled here and air dried in our lumberyard for 1-2 years before kiln drying. Then carefully planed to a flat-workable surface where we epoxy filled any checks and imperfections. From there we run it through our 52" wide belt sander to come out at 150 grit sanded. Finally the edge detail is taken care of as well as hand sanding to ensure there are no visible scratches and then finished with our water based polyurethane.

It is supported by a custom X-style base to allow for seating at every side with maximal leg space for each occupant. The steel base has a custom powder coat applied to it to help match the wood species. With slotted holes cut into the steel plate to allow the wood to move, thus ensuring the wood doesn't crack around the screws.

A dining table like this shows many of the customizable options we offer at Oak City Customs. Begin your own table here or schedule a consultation for more customizable options!