Chatham Civil Contracting


We really enjoyed working with Chatham Civil Contracting, designing each desk and making the perfect office space. Featuring some of the most gorgeous figured hickory, filled with black epoxy for a completely flat finish.

With multiple different design tables featuring dividers made from perforated designer steel for individual workspaces. Along with CNC cut designs and custom L-shape desks with dove tail joinery!

The Design

Beginning with 8/4" Hickory, that is then surfaced and finished to a final thickness of 1-5/8". Supported by 1/8" steel 4" square tubing legs. With 1/8" steel supports running between each leg and along the length bottom.

While focused on the under side of this desk, there is a hidden "J" angle piece of 1/8" flat bar for easy cable management. With three leg dividers using a 1/4" steel picture frame to hold the 1/8" perforated designer steel.

Four way partitioned desk is divided for four equal space sections with the use of 1/4" steel plate for the picture framing and triangular shape end caps. With more 1/8" perforated designer steel to give a separate space for each worker while also making it easy to communicate and work together.

Specifically placed holes for machine screws to bolt the metal components to each other as well as to the Hickory table top. Thus creating a structurally sound table!

CNC Inlay

This is an example of a company logo cut into a panel on our CNC machine. This is always included in the CAD drawing and the logo/design is then transferred to our CNC operator who can turn it into what you see here.

Notably you can see a glue ring surrounding the cutout, this is because the cutout will be filled with colored epoxy to match the company colors.

From the logo to the colors all of this is completely customizable so the options are nearly endless for personalized cutouts!


The most resilient finish we offer, water based polyurethane, these office desks are made to last forever with everyday use. This finish is a satin clear finish but you may notice it still has a little shine to it!

For the top layer we apply three to five coats which makes for a smooth and protective layer against scratches and dents. The bottom has two to three coats which provides a smooth surface as well as completely seals the wood.

Conference Table

Here we have the main attraction at Chatham Civil Contracting's office location, the conference table. This table is absolutely incredible, made with 2" thick hickory that was finished at 1-5/8" to match the rest of the office. Filled with black epoxy to make checks and cracks completely solid.

Featuring their company logo filled with epoxy pigments that match their company colors. Matching slabs from the same tree to ensure the coloring and grain pattern are uniform.

Finally featuring the perforated designer metal for the base and finished with the clear satin for a natural steel look.

Four-Way Desk

This four way partitioned office desk allows for individual space as well as a team environment. With hidden cable space running through the wood and 4" by 1/4" steel square legs, wires are out of sight and out of mind with custom "J" angle hidden cable trays.

The partitioned steel base and dividers add a industrial look with visible zinc machine screws. With 1/4" steel plates picture framing the perforated designer steel. All of which is protected by a clear powder coat which allows for the steel to have a natural look but never rust.

L-Shape Desk

For the corner office suite there is an L-shaped desk showing off the beautiful perforated designer steel. This desk had some incredibly textured Hickory with black epoxy fills. Like the other desks this features the hidden cable trays that run the wires through the inside of the square tube legs.

The joinery used for this L-desk is a near seamless dove tail which allows for a structural fit that will never come apart. The dove tails are cutout on our CNC machine and glued together.

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