Panel Handling Guide

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This is a list of reminders, tips & common handling guidelines for wood panel products


- Wood is a natural product that is subject to dimensional changes based on temperature, humidity, moisture and its ability to "breathe"

- Make sure both sides of panels are subject to the same conditions to avoid warping

- Apply finish to both sides equally

- Do not leave panel in the sun

- Support panel fully across its width

- Carry and transport panel with forces along its length

- Allow time to acclimate to changes in environmental conditions (Large change in temperature or humidity can cause bowing or shrinkage/expansion in the panel)Consider wood can shrink/expand by up to 2% of its width after kiln dried, therefore you must allow for this movement in fasteners and overall assembly. Use oversized or slotted connections to allow fasteners to move

- Effective methods for filling cracks and imperfections are: Epoxy, CA Glue, KnotTec glue gun, Wood Glue, & Wood Filler

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