White Oak Cabinets w/ metal shelving unit

The Design

Our CAD drawings explain every detail that goes into creating a fully custom project. From every screw hole to the 1/4" aluminum plate shelves. These CAD drawings are the blueprint to our work and allow the customer's dream to be drawn and made into reality.

This view is one of many angles which show off the final product, here there are many of the final lengths, widths, and height. This shows how the metal legs and shelves connects to the White Oak cabinetry.

Custom media console

This media console is made from white oak with miter joints for a seamless waterfall on the outer edges. The entire unit is held by aluminum which encompasses the bottom as well as adds two shelves and a large shelf top.

The L-shape fit perfectly with this customer's home, set perfectly to match the corner mounted TV. The aluminum with satin black powder coat provides for a more sleek and modern look while getting a little bit of rustic appeal with the knotted white oak.

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