Aluminum Railing w/ Satin Black Powder Coat

The Design

The CAD drawing of this staircase encompasses the entire space, despite our team only building the rail that goes with it. Our design team does this to ensure a seamless fit that makes sense as well as provide our team with information of the surrounding area.

This CAD provides every detail ranging from the diameter of the aluminum round rail to the width of each square tube post. This allows us to have a detailed list of all materials necessary for the project and a way of understanding how each piece interacts with the next.

CAD drawings are a necessity for fluid production process as well as they help bring the imagination of our clients onto paper.

professional installation

This custom aluminum railing was made to add safety to this residential staircase and indoor balcony. Completely customizable as all designs, cuts, and welds were done at our shop, and the final product was exactly what our client imagined.

The posts are made of 3" aluminum square tubing, these are a 1/4" thick for a very solid foundation. Attaching each are 3/4" diameter aluminum rounds, these are solid rounds that attach each post. With 3/8" aluminum plate attaching the posts into the flooring. All of which is finished in a satin black powder coat that is very resilient and can last every day wear and tear with no issues!

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