Walnut Dining Table With catawba base


This table represents the journey for most wood here at Oak City Customs. Beginning with a client who hand selected each piece of wood and laid out exactly how they wanted it to be.

Projects like this are what our craftsmen love the most because making a table that our customer is going to love is what we take pride in. With gorgeous locally and sustainable sourced walnut, and an Oak City Customs' table base this is an heirloom dining room table that will be passed down for generations!


This design shows off the 8/4" thick walnut dimensional lumber that is locally and sustainably sourced. This CAD tells our CNC operator where to cut, what dimensions this table is as well as where the base is intended to mount to the table.

Also featured is our Catawba base which mounts to the table with our standard 3/8" steel plate with slotted holes allowing for natural wood movement. The leg supports are 3" wide 1/8" thick square tubing, which is more than adequate for dining table support. The floor plate is 3" by 2" rectangular tubing with a chamfered edge to fit flush to the floor fit and have no sharp edges.

Rough Walnut

Lumber like this has been air drying at our facility for over a year, and thrown into our 12,000 board foot capacity kilns to kiln dry for up to 90 days!

Fresh out of the kiln, dried to a wood grade water level of 8-12% this lumber is ready to be milled and glued into a dining room table. Here we have a pile of figured live edge walnut that will be cleaned up for a traditional style table top.

Highly Figured Walnut

The spotlight for this dining room table is definitely the highly figured black walnut. This figured walnut provides the natural wood look while making an illusion of a three dimensional pop!

This is common in areas of the tree where it was under a lot of stress causing the grain to grow in a wave-like pattern and makes one of the most beautifully distinct wood patterns.

Catawba Base

With 16 different bases to choose from there is a base at Oak City Customs that will work for any setting. This client needed a low profile base that could easily sit people down the length of the table as well as on the ends.

The Catawba base allows for ample leg room by having the leg supports run down the middle of the table. As well as having a 12" inset that makes sitting at the head of the table just as comfortable as anywhere else!