COMBINATION 12”x0.102”/0.071”x1’’ T=60 ATB+FLAT

  • CHROME PLATED BLADE: Protects the tool from corrosion, rust, and resin/residue build-up. Extends tool life dramatically.
  • Absorbed power by the motor is significantly reduced so the tool moves smoothly throughout cutting operation.
  • Tool maintenance is fast and easy. Surface hardness: 380-400 Vickers. BODY FLATNESS & BALANCING Blade body flatness obtained via special straightening processes that guarantee exceptionally reduced tolerances.
  • Balancing performed on all saw blades guarantees maximum stability.
  • TRI-METAL BRAZING Special Silver-Copper-Silver Tri-Metal Brazing allows teeth to handle high stress and impact especially when cutting harder woods and composite material.
  • Product ID 256.060.12