NON-FERROUS & MELAMINE 10’’x0.102”x5/8’’ T=80 TCG (-6° NEG)

  • For heavy-duty cutting on aluminum, brass, copper, PVC and non-ferrous metals. Excellent on thin-walled, good on thick-walled extrusions.
  • To be used on radial arm saws, miter saws, table and special saws.
  • Micrograin carbide cutting edges to guarantee high performance on non-ferrous metals, PVC and melamine.
  • Anti-vibration design and expansion slots to reduce noise, prevent the tool from warping and last longer!
  • Technical details: kerf thickness 0.098, plate thickness 0.071, -6° cutting angle, TCG (ß) - Triple Chip Grind.
  • Product ID 254.080.10