Waterfall Designs


The OCC Box Joint

This is the tried & true approach. Using only wood, this type of joinery will be the most structurally stable. Tooth style joints are cut with precision on our CNC, then glued together using Titebond 3 wood glue, creating a design that will be a conversation piece for many, many years!


The OCC Butt Joint

This method relies on integrated hardware for support, creating a similar modern design as other waterfalls, but will not offer the same structural integrity of a 'Box Joint'. 


The OCC 45 Degree

This method creates an incredible look by using the same piece of wood cut at 45 degrees, allowing the grain to continue through the edge. The reason this is our third suggestion is because this method is much more labor intensive, creating a higher price tag, as well as, it is not as structurally stable as the other two options due to movement that will occur in the wood, sometimes creating a break in the seam over time.