Planing & Sanding

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At Oak City Customs, we currently have 2 machines available to surface lumber & panels!

3-Head Wide-Belt Sander

Timesavers 52"

$3/sqft - May vary based on Material Volume

This machine really lives up to its name! A true timesaver in our shop with 3 sanding heads, consisting of a 14" rubber segmented contact drum, platen, & platen setup.

This 22,000lb beast is 120hp with a 10hp feed, that depending on sandpaper selection, will generally remove about .03" or 1/32" per pass.

We usually run this machine with 60, 100, & 150-grit paper. Producing a very flat panel, this is normally the last step before entering our hand-finishing process.

Almost everything we make goes through this machine!

Wide-Belt Abrasive Planer

Timesavers 52"

$1.50/sqft - May Vary Based On Material Volume

A work horse for sure, this machine has a single-head (one sandpaper belt) wide-belt sander with a 14" steel segmented contact drum.

'Green Meanie' weighs 12,000lbs, has a 150hp drive motor & 10hp feed that will allow stock removal up to 1/4" per pass at 50" wide!

We use this machine to plane slabs & boards that are too wide for our planer/jointer. Also, to flatten & prep table-tops for the finishing sander.

We generally run this machine with 24-grit paper, but occasionally with 40 or 60-grit paper, depending on the application.

We can accommodate material up to 21' long and approx 50" wide in this machine!