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At Oak City Customs, we currently have 3 main machines available to surface lumber & panels!

3-Head Wide-Belt Sander

Timesavers 52"

$3/sqft - May vary based on Material Volume

This machine really lives up to its name! A true timesaver in our shop, it has 3 sanding heads consisting of a 14" rubber segmented contact drum, platen, and platen setup.

This 22,000lb machine is 120hp with a 10hp feed, that depending on sandpaper selection, will generally remove about .03" or 1/32" per pass.

We usually run this machine with 60, 100, & 150-grit paper. Producing a very flat panel, this machine is normaly the last step before entering our hand-finishing process.

Almost everything we make goes through this machine!

Wide-Belt Abrasive Planer

Timesavers 52"

$1.50/sqft - May Vary Based On Material Volume

A work horse for sure, this machine is a single-head (one sandpaper belt) wide-belt sander with a 14" steel segmented contact drum.

'Green Meanie' weighs 12,000lbs, has a 150hp drive motor and 10hp feed that will allow stock removal up to 1/4" per pass at 50" wide, using 24-grit sandpaper.

We use this machine to plane slabs and boards that are too wide for our planer/jointer to handle. Also, to flatten and prep table-tops for the finishing sander.

We generally run this machine with 24-grit paper, nut occasionally with 40 or 60-grit paper, depending on the application.

We can accommodate material up to 21' long and approx 50" wide in this machine!


Lobo 15"

$1/sqft - May Vary Based On Material Volume

Utilizing top and bottom helical cutting heads and a carpet style feed, this machine can produce a jointing effect on lumber and a clean finish cut on both sides simultaneously!

The carpet feed style of this machine means it has over 1000 spring-loaded fingers that press down from the top-side of the machine as material enters.

These fingers allow the board to be held in position as it sits, rather than being mashed flat as in other planers. As a result, it is able to 'joint' the twist out of a board by holding it in its natural condition and passing it by the lower cutter head of the machine.

Once the lower face of the board is cut, the upper cutter-head removes material parallel to the first cut, as a normal planer would.

The result is a board that comes out of the machine without twist and much more true than in regular style planers that have feed and hold down rollers, immediately around the cutter head. This machine can run at feed speeds between 30-120+ feet per minute and is able to remove up to 3/4" in a single pass. The helical cutter heads produce an extremely clean cut!

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