Planer & Jointer

The east coast's largest planer & Jointer

Planer Entrance

This 52" wide planer and jointer is the largest of its kind here on the East Coast. This Northtech machine uses helical cutter heads that can be flipped for a brand new cutting surface. It has the ability to take off three quarters of an inch in one pass, one third on top and bottom.

This monster is capable of planing up to 8" thick lumber making planing even the biggest of mantels a breeze. With rows upon rows of fingers this machine grabs and will not let go of lumber, in short a piece of wood goes in and it always comes out smaller.

Automatic Thickness

This machine makes adjustments simple and accurate to the nearest hundredth of an inch. Simply typing in a value to adjust thickness will automatically adjust bed height through the use of a 5hp motor.

The bottom cutter is easily adjustable by use of a second wheel which lowers or raises the bed to expose or hide the bottom cutter. With a max of 1/3" per cutter it only needs one pass for a fully flattened table.

No more dust

There are three chutes that collect dust from the top cutter and two chutes on either side to collect from the bottom cutter. While this may seem like a lot, you'll still see some dust and woodchips surrounding this massive planer.

With dust pipes pumping this machines waste nearly one hundred yards away it was an engineering feat to setup our customized dust collection. Luckily for all of our clients they get all the great benefits of our industrial machines without any of the headache!