Live Edge

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Unlike dimensional lumber that has a straight edge, a live edge will mimic the contour of the original tree. A live edge table will also highlight the grain with every slab being extremely unique, bringing rustic character to your space!

For a more natural, or wild look, make “Live Edge” your choice!


There are many variations of what live edge can be, just know this means at least one of the edges of your tabletop will remain natural.

   Process: Beginning with a whole slab, versus dimensional lumber, your panel is planed, sanded and cut-to-size leaving one or both edges natural. When both edges remain natural, this is known commonly as “double live edge”. On some occasions, multiple slabs are cut and glued together to provide a larger surface area. Bark is removed and any cracks or imperfections are filled with epoxy. The slab is then finished, leaving a look that is natural, rustic and showroom clean.

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