At- Home Assembly

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 With every custom product purchase, you will receive an Oak City Customs assembly kit that will allow you to set-up your new product with ease! These kits will include any necessary hardware and tools, meaning no extra trips to the store and a seamless fit. 

   After your product is finished being built here at our shop, it is assembled to assure a quality fit and then photographed for our gallery. Once all products receive a final inspection, they are carefully disassembled and packed with the highest quality shipping materials. 

   Table tops are pre-drilled and fit with a 3/8 threaded insert. You will receive bolts, washers and an allen key. A selection of either black or silver hardware will be made when adding item to your cart. Our table bases are fabricated with slotted wholes creating a connection that allows movement in the wood over time. This set-up will also ensure easy install/uninstall down the road!

   Thanks again for your purchase! We look forward to working on another project with you in the future!

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