About Oak City Customs

Oak City Customs was founded in 2015 by Dylan Selinger with the help of his friend Justin Fox. Dylan had noticed that there were craftsmen who worked with metal and those who worked with wood, but very few that worked with both materials. That is precisely what Oak City Customs has become!

One of the first things that Dylan and Justin did once they opened their doors was take a trip to Montana to purchase a commercial sawmill. This special attribute allows them to make their own boards and slabs from local trees which they are able to source through connections with triangle area arborists and city governments. This allows them access to the most choice pieces of wood around and really opens up the creative process by allowing Oak City to use non-standard lumber dimensions for totally unique creations.

In addition to their work with private consumers, Oak City Customs has been called in for multiple commercial buildouts in the Raleigh area, helping to provide decor and ambiance to local breweries, bars, restaurants, and retailers.

For 2017 Oak City Customs is looking forward to adding a lumber kiln and additional shop space to accommodate even more projects as word continues to spread about the quality of both their craftsmanship and their character!

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